What Hearing Loss Can Do To You

People in the US are about immune to the many noises that come with living in a community and in the household. Clearing all the household noises you will then be able to hear more noises like those at a near by hospital or even a dog on the next house over.Our world now is plagued with a new breed of pollution which is that created by noise. There are about 28 million Americans who get affected with the breed of noises in the world some even losing their hearing. Currently, about more than one third of people over 75 years old will suffer from hearing loss that will have a significant effect on their communication skills.It is of course not all just due to noise pollution. Advancing age, genetic factors, infections, physical trauma, drug toxicity and numerous medical conditions can all be responsible for hearing loss. With the fact that hearing loss can be hereditary at times, there is always away to reduce it severity by taking preventive measures.

Finding out if you haveĀ aural plus can be done if you undergo a series of tests. There are many avenues to getting yourself tested either by screening programs or through a doctor. There is currently a recorded hearing test that the market is offering called the Dial a Hearing Screening Test where one can just use a telephone to see if they have hearing disabilities or not. Rather than a diagnostic tool, this preliminary screening device was made by the Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Northern Illinois Medical Center so that many people can use it.There are eight technically tested tones in the Dial a Hearing Screening Test. If all eight tones are not heard by the caller then they will be advised to undergo other tests that are more comprehensive. The caller who wants to try the test will have to use a telephone that has a stable reception and of course stay away from any unnecessary noise.

One good way to actually prevent or lessen hearing loss in the later part in life is to change your lifestyle now to take care of your ears. One step a person can take is to not go to places that have too much noise in them.Always make sure you are familiar with the protection guidelines in your workplace in terms of noise and always make sure you wear the proper safety attire. These days many listen to their mp3 players or music in high volumes and this is actually one cause of hearing problems.When children or babies do not react to noises like voices or sounds then they may have a hearing problem. Delayed language development in young children also may be the result of a hearing problem and should be evaluated.Also test for an ear infection as sometimes that might be causing the problems. Constant ear infection that is not remedied right away can cause many long term problems that might be irreversible.