To Protect Yourself From Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems and yet most ignored and neglected. Hearing loss affects the quality of life a person thus result in more emotional and psychological problem.People with ear problem also suffer from some Physical problem due to their condition. One physical effect is vertigo; this is a feeling of imbalance like the one the world is spinning. Some people with vertigo and hearing problem are more prone to tiredness, headache, high blood pressure and even stomach problem.Aside from Physical effect of loss, there are also many social effects. The person with hearing problem sometimes avoids gatherings because of embarrassment, they also can’t do some sports activities and of course because of their condition some problem at work and relationship strain with coworkers sometimes follows. These physical limitations can cause sadness, low self-esteem and depression even anger to the sufferers.

hearing problems

The causes of aural plus aside from too much noise are ear infections, birth defects, tumors, physical trauma like head injury, presbycusis due to old age, Meniere’s syndrome, medication side-effect and nerve problems.To avoid or protect yourself from hearing damage its important to know the main cause of the problem One major cause is too much noise, factories, loud music in concerts are some sources of these noises. To avoid problems in the future when listening to music using head phone always remember that after 1 hour rest your ears or if you really like to listen for a long period make sure put the volume on low. Keep your headphone clean to also prevent ear infection. Avoid noisy places like construction site, many vehicles with loud sounds like trucks, motorcycles. Now if you can’t keep away from those places because of work then get some ear protection, you could request it fro your boss or you could buy it yourself.

Another way to protect yourself from ear damage is to avoid taking ototoxic medicines. These medicines can damage the ear and can cause hearing loss. Aspirin in large doses can also affect your earring. If you cannot avoid taking those medicines, ask for your doctor’s advice.Another way to prevent loss is proper diet and exercise. Food rich in folic acid, omega-3, potassium, zinc, magnesium vitamin A, C and E help prevent or at least delay hearing loss. Exercise increases blood circulation that also delays hearing loss. Garlic and onions, vinegars can also be used to treat and delay hear loss.Good hygiene and regular cleaning of your ears is also a big help in preventing ear damage. Don’t poke your ears with cotton buds the best way to clean your ears and remove excess ear wax is to buy earwax removal kit.