3d printing Singapore price

Factors impact price of an online 3D printing quote

We charge based on the quantity of material that is required to build your part and whatever material you select. Material cost is related with the mechanical properties in addition to ease and speed of manufacturing. If you are looking for the maximum cost-effective material, a simple prototyping photo polymer would perhaps be the finest option; if you have more functional necessities, you might need a higher strength material which might be more costly. The amount of support material on your design can moreover affect the 3d printing Singapore price. Optimizing your design by self-supporting angles uses less support material as well as can help decrease material expenses.

Labor costs of printing service

3d printing Singapore price

Labor charges depend on your part necessities, the 3D printing procedure, and the material you order. Metal parts constructed with DMLS, for example, must be machined off of the platform, adding more hands-on labor time into the procedure. If your part needs a smooth surface or coatings, the 3d printing Singapore price will probably be higher than a raw part merely requiring support removal.

Lead Time of the service

Time can play a large role in the cost of a part. If you need a part immediately, we have to create space for it on a machine plus in the queue of projects, pushing others downcast the list. If you have an extensive lead time and don’t need it instantly, we can fit the build in when there is open space, giving us the time to distribute parts more proficiently across machines which could lower your price.